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1. General Conditions

  •  Period of warranty for mattresses are within 10 (ten) years and furniture and top mattresses within 12 (twelve) months.
  • No warranty for beddings, quilts, pillows, cushions, decorations and homeware. These items are under goods returning policy.  
  • Warranty period is effective from date of delivery note/ receipt of goods.

 2. Other Conditions

  •  Products is still under warranty. 
  • Buyer provides delivery note.
  • Seller warrants for production error only.

3. Warranty Process

  •  As your request, we will check products and inform you if it is under the scope of warranty.
  • We will decide how to fix or replace products under our policy.
  • Items with discontinued and unable to repair, we will recall this product and return you a new other one with similar value as a replacement. 
  • Generally, we will come and check in 24 hours and complete it in next 24 hours. In other cases, we will inform you to arrange a flexible time.

4. The Scopes of Warranty


  • Includes spring matter for spring mattress: Spring is loosened and broken to torn cover fabric.
  • Hard foam of memory foam mattress: 
    • Foam mattress is not recovered totally with a sagging foam on the surface of mattress that you can see with your eyes. 
    • Foam is deformed on its sides.
    • Hard core of foam mattress: Foam is deformed on its sides.

Upholstery furniture 

  • Warranty is for frame, foam, spring and hard spare parts and includes:
    • Springs is broken that defects surface of furniture. 
    • A sagging foam in abnormal.
    • Frame and hard spare part are broken.

Wooden furniture  

The melamine film or veneer on edges of wooden furniture has been peeled. The cabinet door is curved and warped.

5.  Cases of No Warranty 

  •  Products are worn out naturally after time of using as discoloration or stains on surface of products.
  • Products are defected or damaged by users as jumping on bed, mattress or sofa, lying on table, dragging table legs, using over load of products. 
  • Garden products without protection of roofs are kept at sunny and rainy place. 

For more information, please contact with our customer service:
Hotline: 1900.277.229

Our warranty policy and terms are subject to change without any prior notice.