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1. General Conditions

  •  Period of warranty for mattresses are within 10 (ten) years and furniture and top mattresses within 12 (twelve) months.
  • No warranty for beddings, quilts, pillows, cushions, decorations and homeware. These items are under goods returning policy.  
  • Warranty period is effective from date of delivery note/ receipt of goods.

 2. Other Conditions

  •  Products is still under warranty. 
  • Buyer provides delivery note.
  • Seller warrants for production error only.

3. Warranty Process

  •  As your request, we will check products and inform you if it is under the scope of warranty.
  • We will decide how to fix or replace products under our policy.
  • Items with discontinued and unable to repair, we will recall this product and return you a new other one with similar value as a replacement. 
  • Generally, we will come and check in 24 hours and complete it in next 24 hours. In other cases, we will inform you to arrange a flexible time.

4. The Scopes of Warranty

  •  Mattress
    - Includes spring matter for spring mattress: Spring is loosened and broken to torn cover fabric.
    - Hard foam of memory foam mattress: 
    + Foam mattress is not recovered totally with a sagging foam on the surface of mattress that you can see with your eyes. 
    + Foam is deformed on its sides.
    - Hard core of foam mattress: Foam is deformed on its sides.
  • Upholstery furniture
    Warranty is for frame, foam, spring and hard spare parts and includes:
    - Springs is broken that defects surface of furniture. 
    - A sagging foam in abnormal.
    - Frame and hard spare part are broken.
  • Wooden furniture
    The melamine film or veneer on edges of wooden furniture has been peeled. The cabinet door is curved and warped.

5.  Cases of No Warranty 

  •  Products are worn out naturally after time of using as discoloration or stains on surface of products.
  • Products are defected or damaged by users as jumping on bed, mattress or sofa, lying on table, dragging table legs, using over load of products. 
  • Garden products without protection of roofs are kept at sunny and rainy place. 

For more information, please contact with our customer service:
Hotline: 1900.277.229
Email: cskh@jysk.vn
Website: www.jysk.vn

Our warranty policy and terms are subject to change without any prior notice.