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Sofa 2.5s |EGEDAL|polyester fabric cover|light grey|R170xS81xC82cm

Code: 365817086
9,900,000 đ
7,920,000 đ

Sofa EGEDAL 2.5-seater corduroy grey

Code: 369820186
11,900,000 đ
9,520,000 đ


Office chair ABILDHOLT dark grey/chrome

Code: 367664686
2,490,000 đ

Dining table AABENRAA 90x160 oak/black

Code: 360077786
6,900,000 đ
5,520,000 đ

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Laptop support MERN adjustable black

Code: 363510486
499,000 đ

Combo hangers HEKTOR velvet set of 2 10pcs/pk

Code: 39829008611
398,000 đ
199,000 đ

Cup Tray | MALA | powder coated iron | black | D24xR13xC21cm

Code: 491911586
249,000 đ
211,650 đ

Guest towel NORA 40x60 light brown

Code: 2109196
119,000 đ
101,150 đ

Bath towel NORA 70×140 dusty blue

Code: 2337161
399,000 đ
339,150 đ

Hand towel NORA 50x100 sand

Code: 2101607
219,000 đ
153,300 đ

Pillow WELLPUR SOGN 30x50x12/9

Code: 4247700
799,000 đ


A home office has become a permanent fixture in most homes. Some people can allocate an entire room for use as a home office, while others create space in a hallway, a bedroom or the living room. The options are endless when it comes to designing a home office. We have compiled 5 must-haves for designing an attractive, yet practical home office.

If you’re looking for that one chair that fits perfectly into your home – even when you decide to rearrange or change your home décor – you should take a look at our JONSTRUP furniture collection. If you don’t already know it, or if you just want to learn more, this blog post is for you. The JONSTRUP collection consists of several dining chairs, bar stools and table and even an office chair. 

It can be a challenge to organise an office in your home. Read on for inspirational design ideas on how to create a functional and appealing home office.